If you are skinny, flat chest, tiny arms and beer belly!!

I have been doing some training for 2 years. I was a really skinny guy, flat chest, tiny arms and beer belly! Totally out of shape!! Then one day, I realise why don't I go online and look for some proven training program and start trying something.

After 2 weeks of commitment, my work mate asked me,
"Hey dude! have you been working out?"

Then I realised, holly cow! its working! from then on, I have been working out for 2 years.

Here you go! I am going to share some good info of my work out, where I learned from. check out all the video I have collected in my blog, follow these program, it will work for you!

All you gotta do is! Do It!!

Follow this blog, I am on going look for better programs and training method, I will keep you guys posted, Let's super fit together!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hey Guys,
I had a chat with my mate last night, and he recommend this website to me, and I found it very informative! there is plenty of different work out plan for all level body builder. Click on the image above it will lead to you their website - beginner work out pan. 

Give it a try, and let us know how you feel about it. When I first stared, I was working out according to this plan for 3 months, it worked for me to warm up every part of my muscle for further development later on. 

Thanks Scooby's Work Shop!

Happy work out!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Work Out Plan Day 2 - Back Muscle Group

Hey guys!

How was the day one work out? you can share you experience here with me if you like ;-) or if you have any suggestion, just shoot.

Day 2 We were talking about Chest work out on the day one plan. Chest basically is a kind of "push" movement, so on day 2 we might not want to "push" again. Our muscle need certain amount of time to rest/repair to get bigger.

I am suggesting to work on our back on day 2. Back exercise is "pull" and back is also bigger muscle group, normally I push myself to do more on chest work out, so the next work out I will need support from another bigger/stronger muscle group, which back muscle group is my best option.

P.S chest and back is bigger muscle group.

arm and shoulder is smaller muscle group. I normally take good care of smaller muscle group, reason is these muscle get injure easier. I will talk about this later on small muscle group work out.

Big Muscle Group - Back Work Out in the Gym! Part 1 

is really good back exercises, it works for either advance body builder or beginner.
For a skinny guy like me, all I need to do is, do the same exercises, make sure my posture is correct, always chest up, straighten my back and go for the weight that I totally feel comfortable with.

Big Muscle Group - Back Work Out in the Gym! Part 2

This is a very good reference of showing you how to stabilise your posture/movement during your work out. A lot of people do these exercises really fast, that could lead yourselves to injuries. In order to build healthier muscle, always go slow and steady. Hold your posture, go slow and comfortable weight.

Big Muscle Group - Back Work Out in the Gym! Part 3

I will not suggest a beginner to do this, I personally think this work out is really good, but only apply to advance body builder who already has at least a year experience. As we can see his movement is pretty fast and a little bit complicated, and he is doing what we call super sets. Super sets is one exercise right after one, the in-between rest time is super short. The reason I link this video here is for people who is looking for more advance work out tips.
as a beginner, I strongly suggest you don't practice this yet. in order to practice this exercises, you will need a stronger sense to stabilise your posture and fully focus on what you are doing at that moment.

I just finish my back work out with my buddy today, I feel destroyed today after so many days haven't been to gym (lot of over time at work recently) but I feel so much better after gym, totally refresh myself and ready to fight the battle for the rest of the week. 

Wish yo'all happy work out! keep it up, you will get the result you want if you insist!!!

Big Muscle Group - Back Work Out in the Gym! Part 3

Big Muscle Group - Back Work Out in the Gym! Part 2

Big Muscle Group - Back Work Out in the Gym! Part 1

Friday, March 23, 2012

Work out planning Day 1 - Chest!

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, Good day!

I am really glad if you are reading this! I am always excited to help my friends out to get fit!

 I will on going to share my personal experience on how to gain muscle and get fit for a skinny guy like me.

 I am 6'1 and I have been skinny for almost 30 years. well then I get a little beer belly after 30th. My sister make fun of me that after I turn 30 I became a skinny beer belly dude, totally out of shape~~ But today, every time I see my sister, she can never make fun of me anymore! she actually asked me question how to get her husband and her fit.

 Here you go my tips - work out day 1, chest!! Normally chest is the best work out for everyone once you get use to it.

 As a real skinny person, all you gotta do is build up your chest bit by bit, there isn't any short cut, just do it! follow these videos, it will work. you don't have to lift super heavy weight, just good enough for you to feel the posture and movement during the first week. Don't go too hard on yourselves at this stage which will scare you away.

 Take it easy, but follow exactly all the movement , reps and make sure your posture is correct! otherwise you will hurt yourselves.

 Tips#1 - If you are a newbie in the gym, ask people around you, don't feel shy. Trust me, these people who has massive muscle love helping people to get to their goal, you!.

And plus they can't wait to show you what they know :P

 Tips#2 - If you know any friend who constantly working out, ask him/her for some opinion. They will love to help you too! And the best part is maybe you will become their gym buddy, which also help him/her too.

 Alrighty! don't hesitate! I know you want to get in shape! Go to the gym now!!! I am off to gym, talk later!!!


Shoulder work out

Massive Bowling Ball Shoulder Workout

Bruce Lee Quickness in 1960 Wing Chun Trapping, Strikes, Intercept...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Chest posture work out

Chest Work Out

INSANE lower abs exercise

I would strongly recommend Mike's work out channel "Six pack short cuts" in youtube. Check his stuff out!

I don't personally know him but I wanna give him a big thumbs up! Because I get good result after I tried his way of training to get my six pack. Really fast!

As I mentioned before, I have been training for some times. I get good result on my chest , shoulder and arms. But there is always something that really bother me -- my belly!

I love to go to the beach, but my belly.. oh man! In Australia, everybody is waiting for the season to get on the beaches to show off, man and woman :D

Last summer I was still struggling with belly problem, then I thought why not checking some killer abs work out from youtube, then found some useful info. But yet nothing really impressed me.

Then I saw his video about six pack short cuts, HA! I was thinking, come on man, it must be something stupid, short cuts for six pack? really? but no harm to check it out, is free anyway.

What ever he did in his video didn't impressed me. So I let that sit in my library for months. I tried a lot of other ways to get my six pack, but the result wasn't impressive and I have to spend at least an hour on cardio. Then this evening, I've decided, why not I just give it a try of his work out moves - M100

Man! Trust me on this, I have been working out for so long, I am fit! I never thought this will kill me with just 2 sets of exercises.

After a month of keep on doing this. Six pack shortcut ! just a month!

Thanks Mike!

If you are trying your ways to get six pack but you think is not working, try his, you might be surprise how fast it is. But the only problem is, it is a very difficult exercise, you want result you have to commit to it, and you will get it!

Happy work out!

M-100s -- Insane Home Cardio Workout For Ninjas

hannibal king training