If you are skinny, flat chest, tiny arms and beer belly!!

I have been doing some training for 2 years. I was a really skinny guy, flat chest, tiny arms and beer belly! Totally out of shape!! Then one day, I realise why don't I go online and look for some proven training program and start trying something.

After 2 weeks of commitment, my work mate asked me,
"Hey dude! have you been working out?"

Then I realised, holly cow! its working! from then on, I have been working out for 2 years.

Here you go! I am going to share some good info of my work out, where I learned from. check out all the video I have collected in my blog, follow these program, it will work for you!

All you gotta do is! Do It!!

Follow this blog, I am on going look for better programs and training method, I will keep you guys posted, Let's super fit together!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 days killer abs work out routine

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

This is a great work out routine no matter for man or woman.

3 years ago I found this video during my stay in China for 2 years. It was on a chinese version youtube. During that time I did not have any intention to get ripped,and the first 3 months in China I lost 10 KG due to not used to the food. I was really skinny I went home every few weeks and the first thing my mother asked me, am I taking any drugs! Of course not! I said. Seriously if you are, please help yourselves, stay away from drugs. It will ruin your life. Believe me, I personally know someone whose life was totally ruined. No fun at all :(

Anyway, my point is this abs work out is a killer!

3 years ago, I did not survive to day3 routine following this video, I totally cannot handled it. this is too hard! way too hard! But trust me, if you are seriously thinking about super fast get your abs looks great, this is the one.

This video come with mandarin voice over, but do not worry, it doesn't really matter what he said, all he was saying, do your best to commit into this exercise, it is very difficult, but if you remain committed to this 7 days abs work out, you will be the object of envy.

So basically all you need to do is, play this video, turn on the sound loud enough so you can hear the beats, and follow exactly what they are doing. The key of these exercise is try to catch up the speed and remain good form. If you couldn't catch the speed, thats fine, is ok to take a few seconds break, then follow again. Take it a little easy when you first started, but you will need to keep on following and finish these exercise everyday. Finish all 7 days routine, then restart again, I am sure the next circle you will do it much better.

Again, if you are super serious about getting in shape, 6 packs, flat tummy. Survive this pain you will get it.

Happy work out and stay healthy ladies and buddy ;)

Home Chest & Back Workout

Hey guys,

It's been a while. finally the movie  I am working on has come to an end. It is a great movie, very good story and great visual effect works to support the story. Its call "Gravity" should be showing in the cinema around next summer. If you have time check it out. support the original ;) you support will keep us (artist) busy.

Now my first mission for the next 6 months will be Gain More Muscle!!

This is a great home chest and back work out if you don't have time to go to gym, or after working crazy hours which Gym are already closed by the time you get out from the cubicle. This thing here save my muscle from shrinking while I was so busy.

I kinda modified a little bit of what Mike Chang is doing but basically all the movement is exactly the same. Push up is not working for me anymore, so what i did is, put some weight in a back pack to make your push up a little more heavier than your own body weight. If you are having problem to find any weight, get a few empty mineral water bottle fill it up with water and adjust to the weight that suit you.

If you don't have a pair of dumb bell at home, I suggest you to get one, it really comes in handy and easy to keep. Make sure you get something like this

This allow you to change the weight for variation workout routine.

Alright Mate! Happy work out and stay healthy not matter what :D

Monday, May 14, 2012

Billy asked - reps of M100?

Hey Billy,

M100 - to answer your question.

Thanks for bringing up your question.

how many reps and sets do we do this?

I don't have the name for these movement this is the best I can come out with.

1) 10 reps jump-squad-leg extension
2) 20 reps mountain climbing
3) 10 reps jump-half squad

repeat this 10 times

if you can't do this in a roll, u can probably rest 30 seconds between sets, but to get the best result is just keep going.

the benefit of this exercise is to build up very strong stamina and rip off fat :D