If you are skinny, flat chest, tiny arms and beer belly!!

I have been doing some training for 2 years. I was a really skinny guy, flat chest, tiny arms and beer belly! Totally out of shape!! Then one day, I realise why don't I go online and look for some proven training program and start trying something.

After 2 weeks of commitment, my work mate asked me,
"Hey dude! have you been working out?"

Then I realised, holly cow! its working! from then on, I have been working out for 2 years.

Here you go! I am going to share some good info of my work out, where I learned from. check out all the video I have collected in my blog, follow these program, it will work for you!

All you gotta do is! Do It!!

Follow this blog, I am on going look for better programs and training method, I will keep you guys posted, Let's super fit together!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hey guys,

This If you are looking for a safer and intense Front Delt work out, try this. This is working really well, I tried it, is really good. well basically all the video I linked here I filtered and tried it myself.

Combine this with your normal shoulder work out, you can replace one of your current front delt work out, try not to overload your muscle. Do it with the weight that you are comfortable with but hit your limit. You should feel the burn after work out, if not, either your form is not right or the weight is too light ;-)

4 sets and 8-12 reps each set or

you go with super sets
4 sets
1st set-weight enough for 12 reps
2nd set- weight enough for 10 reps
3rd set-weight enough for 8 reps
4th set-weight enough for 6 reps

Alrighty, enjoy your work out, stay healthy, eat healthy, rest well!

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